Introduction: Movie Room Hidden Door

I wanted to create a room dedicated to an in-home theatre. I saw an idea to hide a room using a poster. So I required to completely wall off the entrance that was there and install a secret door. A large picture frame was the idea I had using a push magnetic locking system. That way the door can be open by pushing on the frame then it will pop open. This took me several weeks due to illness and also after framing in a space for a door we decided to recarpet our entire basement.


  • Door (I used a 32"x80")
  • 20 feet of crown molding to use as a picture frame
  • Stick on door adhesive picture (Hans Solo) but many different types you can buy on amazon
  • Door hinges (three 4")
  • Framing (24ft of 2x4)
  • Adhesive
  • Assorted screws and 5" concrete screws
  • Miter saw
  • Drill
  • Circular Saw
  • Drywall

Step 1: Open Hallway Transformation

I started out with an open concept to the landing area from the stairs to our basement. I wanted to ensure a large enough door to be able to move furniture in and out with no issues. The door opening I wanted was 34" by 72". I wanted these dimensions due to the poster (door sticker) and wanting space to attach the crown moulding without covering too much of the poster itself. Most door posters come in a format of 32X78 inches. This is something to consider it wanting to recreate this.

I was lucky enough to have studs to secure on both sides. I also used concrete screws and adhesive to secure the base of the framing. I decided to go with some laminate siding to cover the framing. I was trying to reduce cost but also I am not the best drywaller. If you are good at drywalling that would be the preferable option in this case.

Step 2: Creating the Door Frame

I used three 4" door hinges to attach a door to my frame. I had to remove several inches from the door due to the reduced height clearance of the basement. Once the door height was correct for this frame I attached the crown moulding around the door. The corners were mitered at 45 degrees then attached to the door.

I also used 1" door stop wood frame so the door would sit flush and no light would be seen. As noted in the above pictures.

A magnetic spring lock was attached to the side frame so the door would sit flush with the wall but could be pushed to open. I found that most of the magnetic spring locks were not strong enough to hold the door closed so I also used earth magnetic for some extra strength. As seen above.

Step 3: Finished Product

I also attached a sensor to the door to activate my movie lightboxes and strip lights when the door is open. When closed the lights shut down. This was created using the IFTTT program. A whole different set up for another instructable.

I added a handle to the inside of the door to pull shut when inside. I am very happy with the setup and the kids love having a hidden movie room. The poster was picked due to the theme of the room but there are many types of door adhesive posters you can buy from abstract to artistic.

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