Introduction: Mozzarella Sticks - Restaurant Style Eggroll Wrapped

As many of you can agree, the best mozzarella sticks are those crispy deep fried eggroll wrapped mozzarella sticks that are found and a growing number of restaurants. The downside of that you get 3-4 for $5 or $6. So I decided to make them myself a while back and now are the perfect appetizer that everyone gobbles down. Doing it yourself, you can make a full pack of mozzarella sticks for that same $5-$6. Enjoy the cheezy goodness.

Step 1: The Ingredients and Necessities

Your ingredients are simple and straight forward.

- 1 pack Mozzarella String Cheese (I used Weyauwega String Cheese)

- 1 pack Eggroll Wrappers

- Canola Oil (For Frying)

- Water (To seal the eggrolls)


- Standard Plate

- Bowl for Water

- Basting Brush

- Tongs

- Staging Pan for Rolled Mozzarella Sticks

- Deep Fryer or Pot for Frying Oi

- Pan lined with Paper Towel (For Finished Fried Mozzarella Sticks)

Step 2: Rolling the Sticks of Deliciousness & Finished Product

1. Lay a sheet of eggroll wrap out on the plate.

2. Baste the eggroll wrapper generously with water.

3. Rotate the plate so the wrap is a diamond shape pointing at you and place a mozzarella stick about 1 inch from the end fairly centered.

4. Wrap the initial 1 inch over the mozzarella stick and roll it until the mozzarella is covered one full time in eggroll wrapper.

5. Apply a bit of water and flatten the ends and fold the wrapper flaps in.

6. Continue rolling until you run out of eggroll wrap and you have one complete stick of delicious ready for frying.

7. It is easier and less of a pain to prep your entire package of mozzarella sticks before frying as seen in the picture.

8. Throw them in the fryer 2-3 at a time, making sure they don't stick together. Flip them once but they should be golden brown in about 2 - 2.5 minutes. If you go too much longer they risk leaking their cheesy center.

9. Enjoy your sticks of deliciousness to your hearts content! Share with friends and family them all for yourself because they will disappear when you share them. :-)

10. Important Note: If you won't be consuming all of them in a day, they can be re-crisped by putting them in a convection oven. A microwave will re-melt the cheese but the eggroll will be chewy.

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