Introduction: Mr. Penguin Speaker

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Mr. Penguin Speaker was created in 2003 as part of the Compose Your Own Song and Play it Through a Penguin at Parsons Project (which is not longer being hosted by Parsons - ::Sigh::). This is a 24" plastic lawn penguin with a large military surplus loudspeaker shoved inside. The speaker is being driven by a 7W Velleman mono amp kit.

In order to get the speaker into the cavity of the penguin, I had to cut a slot into the backside of the penguin. This was unavoidable, but ultimately gave me a nice place to install the mono jack and pass through the power cord.

I rode the subway many - many - times with Mr. Penguin Speaker at the height of the terror alert craze and albeit many people surely 'saw something,' no one ever 'said something.' I figured that surely riding the subway with a plastic lawn penguin with wires sticking out of it would get me into some sort of trouble, but no one ever seemed to care. I'm uncertain as to the lesson learned from this experience.

It lived briefly at Parsons in its intended capacity before the 10th floor staff got annoyed and requested its permanent removal. Mr. Penguin Speaker has since accompanied me on many subsequent journeys.

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