Introduction: Mr.Sketchy : the Art Bot !!

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Hi , I'm Mr.Sketchy your friendly bot to make your abstract art more abstract !!!!

Today you will learn to make a simple robot from scratch and you can literally make this in few hours or less.

It is budget friendly and most of the materials you will find at your house backyard !!!

Let's get started !!


  • Old CD's
  • Vibrators or DC motor (which you can rip it off from your old toy or mobile phones)
  • Sketch Pen
  • Battery and battery clip.
  • LED and some decorative items !!!
  • Soldering Iron(optional)

Step 1: A Hole to Hold Your Creativity :

Be careful while using high temperature materials and always use safety gears !!

  • Begin by heating your soldering Iron or any kind of piercing item to make a hole !!
  • Mark 3 dots on the CD as shown in the image it could be like a triangle !!!
  • Pierce your hot iron rod onto those dots to make a hole , huge enough to fit in the sketch pens !!

Step 2: Crafting Heart and Brain of Your New Amigo !!

Making of Heart :

  • Get a DC motor and rip of any gears attached to it.
  • Find a old ball point pen and cut around 1.5cm of ink tube/refill(make sure it's empty !!).
  • And attach it to the motor's end.
  • Find a small nut and screw that screws down inside the refill as shown in the image and make sure it's tight enough(this is what will cause the vibration) or it would launch into the air as a projectile !!!

    The beating Brain :

  • Heat your soldering Iron and get your solder lead ready !!
  • Place your motor on a flat surface and solder the battery clip to it !!
  • Connect the LED as show in the image to make your robot more fun and decorative !!

Step 3: The Leg Legit !!

The key point of the project and the trick behind it is the leg , I mean the sketch pens !!

To get started :

  • Pierce the sketch pens halfway through the hole of the disks .
  • Choose 3 different colors of your choice and insert them as per your pattern .
  • By adjusting your sketch pens you can achieve desired height of the bot as per your requirements and you can also insert different colors!!!
  • Stick the motor at one end of the disk preferably in between the 2 sketch pen where it makes a Y like pattern.
  • Also place the battery behind at the other end of the disk opposite to your motor , as shown in the Pic !!

Advantages :

  • You can easily change the sketch pen colors as you wish and can also make a unique color pattern!!

  • It is more rigid and flexible to handle !!

  • Can easily adjust the sketch pens to get different motions(like circular , linear , random , jerky ) !!

  • You can also insert only single sketch pen or two sketch pens to add a taste to your creativity !!

Step 4: Some Art Samples !!!

The above image demonstrates the skill sets of Mr.Sketchy !!

The Magic Behind Vibration :

It's working logic :

  • An object in vibrational motion wiggles about a fixed position - its original equilibrium position. Because of the restoring force, vibrating objects do the back and forth motion.This is what is responsible for the motion of your bot!!

  • Random Motion: It is an unpredictable type of motion in which an object moves in any direction and the direction changes continuously.

  • Once the bot losses it's equilibrium state or simply it's balanced state then the bot tries to attain it's original state by trying to change from one motion to another motion and this is why we used sketch pens that could be adjusted . So that , we can distribute the forces equally and make it move in a particular direction !!

Conclusion :

  • It's up to you !! How you can use Mr.Sketchy to bring out the patterns and weird ideas into reality !!
  • Cool patterns could be drawn by just varying the length of each sketch pens !!
  • You can simply experiment by changing the position of the motor and the battery to adjust the weight of the robot , to get a desired motion !!
  • And overall it's fun to build and make more improvements !!

Happy Vibrating !!!


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