Introduction: Muesli Bars

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This is an instructable for basic muesli bars.

Step 1: What You Need

Here is what you need for the muesli bars:

- a banana

- 1 cup of oats

- a few dates

- a few rasins

- a few nuts

- a small bar of choclate

- 1/4 cup of butter

- 1/2 cup of honey

- 1/2 cup of sugar

*if you like you can put some cinnamon into the bars as well

Step 2: Slice It

Chop up the banana, dates, rasins, nuts and the chocolate. (When you use nut-chocolate you save a few seconds of chopping :) ).

If you like you can add or change any ingedient for different nuts or (dried) fruit.

Step 3: Pan

Preheat the oven to 150°C / 300°F.

Put the butter, sugar and honey into a pan and carefully heat it to medium heat. Stir it until it becomes a homgenous mass.

Add the chopped ingedients and mix it together. This will be very sticky. (picture 3)

Add the oats.

Step 4: Baking

Spread the muesli bar mass on a baking sheet. I used a wooden spoon. Try to make a square. When its to sticky just add some oats.

Bake the muesli bars for approx. 15 minutes.

Cut it into bars and let them cool down.

There you go - enjoy your muesli bars!

Let me know what you put into your muesli bar in the comment section below.