Introduction: Multi-Channel Sonoff - Voice Activated Lights

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5 years ago, the lights in my kitchen were going the way of the do-do. The track lighting was failing and the under counter lighting was just junk.

I also wanted to break up the lighting into channels so that I could better light the room for different times of the day.

I came up with an Arduino powered system that let me dim everything manually with stats. I rewired all the switches and supplied 7 channels with 12v power, switch all to LED's and it sufficed for the past 5 years.

Now, with the advent of Echo/Alexa, and the low cost of Wifi Switches, and the total awesomeness of Voice Control, I decided to redo the entire control system.

Sonoff has 4 channel modules, and from places like Ali Express, they are very cheap.

So, here we go


Here is what you need:

1. (2) of these (or 1, if you are doing the single version, 4 channels) -

2. Printed Parts

a. Base - Single or Double

b. Wall mount - Single or Double

c. J-Box

d. J-Box Cover

e. PS Cover

3. 2 or 4 GX16-4 connectors

4. Wire, 18ga and 24ga - stranded, 18/4 cable.

5. Sonoff single switch, 110v

6. misc. hardware, terminals, and wirenuts

7. Soldering Iron

8. Solder

9. Flux Pen

10. Assortment of Glands -

11. 12v 360w Switching Power Supply -

12. XT60H connector

Step 1: Getting the Power Supply Wired and Voice Activated

Start by removing the Sonoff Board from its housing. Wire the power in from the power cord and terminate the Line, Neutral and Ground with fork terminals. I used an 18ga power cord for this. Max watts on this power supply is 360w, so, 3 amps or so at 120v.

The Sonoff Module friction fits into the notches inside.

Use Glands to clean up the power cord in the the 12v out.

I used 14ga for the 12v out. Use Fork Terminals terminate at the power supply, use an XT60 at the other end so you can dismantle for maintenance/repairs.

Setting up the Sonoff is easy with the eWeLink app. If you have Alexa enabled, it should register the device immediately and then you can rename it in the Alexa App.

Once you can power it on and off, set the voltage to a steady 12v. See the video.

Step 2: Assembly the Wifi Switch Modules

I needed 7 Channels, so I originally designed a dual board housing. For those that want only 4 channels, I have added the parts needed. You can find these at Thingiverse -

I like the GX16 avaition connectors. I am using 2 channels per.

Ground across all connectors, send Positive to each terminal on the Boards. Make sure you choose the NO (normally open) mode. This is what is shown in the picture.

Daisy the ground to all the relays.

Send Positive and Ground to each board. These will work as low as 5v and as high as 32v.

Wire nut the power in, positive and ground. Use the other end of the XT60 on the power in.

The Wall Mount provides an easy snap on and off way of attaching this in a cabinet or a wall.

You are looking at a couple of hours to wire, solder and get this all done., way less if it's a single module.

Step 3: Junction Box and Cables

I made 2 foot 18/4 cables, one end soldered to the GX16 connectors, the other end is used to tie to the field wiring via wire nuts.

I used glands to bring the field cables out of the box and the power wires into the box.

The J-Box screws to the wall, the cover uses captive nuts in the box and M3 screws to attach. See for how this works.

Once you have it all wired up, chased and tested, it's time for the miracle of voice control!!

Step 4: EWeLink and Alexa

So, you already have the app that is controlling the Sonoff Switch in the power supply. Power this on and wait for the modules to power up. It is easier to do these one at a time.

Once you enter your particular WIFI info, each module will show as a bank of 4 switches.

Do this for both modules and your done.

Go to your alexa app and rename the switches to what you want to voice control and BAM!!! voice control.

You will see in the screenshots, I have these switches all over my house. They are awesome, and cheap and reliable.

I am working on scenes to allow for multiple switch control depending on what time of day it is and what mood we want to set.

Thanks for reading. Hope you found it useful. Keep on making.

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