Multi-Function Automatic Move Smart Car for Arduino




Introduction: Multi-Function Automatic Move Smart Car for Arduino

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ICStation team share this open source of making Multi-Function automatic move smart car with all electronic DIY hobbyists.It is the third car we introduce to you and you can make a comparison with the two previous. The multi-Function automatic move smart car uses an MCU development application system and a 4-wheel driver system,the core of which is arduino Atmega-328P.It can realize multifunction,such as tracking,obstacle avoidance,remote control and some other functions.

ICStation team use the kits which contain a mass of interesting code,and extensible external circuit module to make the smart car.It is of great fun to keep away form boring theory knowledge and gain ability of development MCU system during the project making process.

—Function Introduction
—Main Parameter
—Installation Steps
—Method of Application
—Black or white line detection principle
—Code for Reference

Function Introdution:
1>.Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance mode;
2>.Automatic obstacle avoidance mode;
3>.Tracking mode(in black wire);
4>.Automatic move mode;
5>.Remote control mode.

Parameter for your reference:
1>.Gear motor reduction ratio1:48,driver voltage 6V;
2>.Motor driver module is L298N;
3>.Three tracking module,detect black and white wire;
4>.Remote control communication module.consist of remote system;
5>.It can connect to many other sensor ,so it can complete many other function as you have in your mind.

Performance Parameter:
1>>.detect distance:Test white paper is about 2cm.Depending on the color of different distance is different.white is farthest
2>>.supply voltage:2.5V~12V,Not more than 12V(It is best to low voltage power supply, power supply voltage is too high will shorten the life of a sensor.5V power supply is preferred)
3>>.operating current:18-20mA when 5V.By a large number of tests, sensor hardware Settings for 18~20mA best performance when working current, main performance on anti-jamming capability
4>>.An object is detected, the output signal low level; Not detected objects, the output signal of high level.
5>>.Sensor output TTL level, can be directly connected to the 3.3 V or 5 V micro controller IO port.

1>.Gear motor  x4
2>.Wheel  x4
3>.Motor fixed part  x4
4>.100*213*5mm perspex sheet  x1
5>.100*213*5mm perspex sheet  x1
6>.L298N motor driver module  x1
7>.Arduino uno 328  x1
8>.Arduino sensor shield  x1
9>.PTZ  x1
10>.Servo  x1
11>.Ultrasonic module  x1
12>.Three tracking module  x1
13>.Infrared receive sensor  x1
14>.Remote control unit  x1
15>.MINI bread board  x1
16>.6xAA battery holder  x1
17>.Dupont cable  x30
18>.1M USB cable  x1
19>.Copper cylinder M3*35mm  x3
20>.Copper cylinder M3*20mm  x2
21>.Copper cylinder M3*6mm  x6
22>.M3 screw and nut several

Step 1: Install Motor

Step 2: Install Motor Driver Module

Step 3: Install Control Board

Step 4: Install Battery Holder

Step 5: Install Infrared Receive Module

Step 6: Install Tracking Module

The  tracking module you should prepare:

Step 7: Install Gear

Step 8: Fix Ultrasonic

More details anout Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 for arduino:

Step 9: Fix PTZ Kits on Chassis

After finishing this step,the installation complete!

Step 10: Method of Application

1>>.There are 3 row needle sensor interfaces, is GND, VCC, OUT. VCC &gnd for power supply side, the OUT signal is output.
2>>.An object is detected, the output signal low level; Not detected objects, the output signal of high level.
3>>.Major judgment signal output is 0 or 1, will be able to determine whether an object exists.

Step 11: Black or White Line Detection Principle

1>>.Using black to light the reflectivity of the characteristics, when the surface color is not black, infrared sensors to launch out by most reflected. The sensor output low level 0.
2>>.When there is a black line plane, sensors in the black, because black reflection ability is very weak, very few reflected infrared light, short of sensor action level, so the sensor output 1.
3>>.Single chip microcomputer as long as we use to judge the sensor output is 0 or 1, will be able to detect the black line.
4>>.Detection principle of the white line and black line, the principle of the detection of the white line, white line around the color is close to black, then adjust the adjustable resistance of infrared sensor above, will lower sensitivity, has been transferred to the surrounding color just detect, it can detect the white line.

The code for reference:

Thank you for your visiting! Please feel free to share us your comments. :)

Should you meet any problem, please feel free to contact us.

ICStation Team

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    2 years ago

    Sir.. where can I get the code??


    Question 3 years ago on Step 11

    Zip doesn't exist apparently, doesn't download from here or other website


    5 years ago

    Please provide connectivity for line tracking module with arduino sensor shield and L298N driver module


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great Photos, but what about the rest of the tutorial. I don't wish to sound rude, but you keep giving us part of the build and then leave us asking for the rest. A wiring diagram would be terrific. Or maybe some photos of where all those wires connect.

    I really would appreciate your help, so I may complete my car. Thank you.

    When I used the programming code for the car it said this...

    In file included from C:\Users\Mr. Hicks\Documents\Arduino\libraries\IRremote\IRremote.cpp:15:0:
    C:\Users\Mr. Hicks\Documents\Arduino\libraries\IRremote\IRremoteInt.h:17:22: fatal error: WProgram.h: No such file or directory
    #include <WProgram.h>

    I was wondering what is the Wprogram.header? And where is it located. I'm just getting in to the hobby of doing this.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    hi sir ..this project is awesome ..but i don't the connections of it. please send schematic diagram of this project.and also send code for the arduino are given code is having some errors.please send the code and schematic diagram of this project..

    my E-MAIL ID :

    please sir send it fast as soon as possible......

    thank you..


    6 years ago on Introduction

    brought all the bits needed, went to compile and comes up with many errors, not declaired etc, using arduio ide


    7 years ago on Step 11

    So Infrared sensor will be able to make a line following robot?

    Ahmed Warrad
    Ahmed Warrad

    7 years ago on Introduction

    السلام عليكم لو سمحتم

    بالنسبة لو عايز أضيف وظائف أخرى مثل: 1-باركينج اتوماتيك

    2-لو نسيت طفل بالداخل يبعت رسالة على الفون

    3-لو شافت حد ف طريقها او حاجة ف الطريق مفاجئة
    تبتعد عنه.

    4- ممكن تطلع سلم

    فما هو المطلوب لمثل هذه الوظائف ك Sensors

    الخاصة بهذه الوظائف أو غيرها سيلزم اضافة كود خاص بها مع الكودات الموجودة تلك sensors وهل عند اضافة

    وشكرا جزيلا لكم...


    Ahmed Warrad
    Ahmed Warrad

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If I Want to add other functions, such as: 1 - Barking Auto

    2 - if I forgot the child inside Abat message to FON

    3 - if somewhat saw in its way or in need of a sudden the road

    Move away from it.

    4 - possible to inform him

    What is required for such jobs as Sensors?

    For these jobs or other special code will need to be added by the existing codes with those sensors when Will Add

    Thank you very much ...


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for your comment !

    Your ideas about adding the functions of the car are very wonderful .If you want the car to have the function of alarm when meet some special situation, you need a Buzzer Module:

    If you want the car to have the function of avoiding the obstacle automatically,you need a Infrared DetectionSensor Module:

    Otherwise, you can realize the function of alarm and self-steering by controlling the code setting of the Ultrasonic module.

    In this car, we use the bluetooth 2.0 to realize the wireless communication.Because the bluetooth only support the communicating within close distance, it can not realize the remote communication.