Multi Purpose Bowl




Introduction: Multi Purpose Bowl

As the name implies it's a multi purpose bowl. You can use it anyway you like. Whats more; it will only take you few hours to make it all by your self. All you need is some corrugated cardboard, glue, a paint brush and a pair of scissors to make this awesome multi purpose bowl.

Step 1: Step 1


Take a corrugated cardboard and turn it so the lines are placed horizontally. If you couldn’t find a corrugated cardboard; take an ordinary cardboard box and remove the upper layer carefully so the horizontal lines are visible.

Step 2: Step 2


Draw 1 inch wide lines on the cardboard along the cardboard length. The ideal length of a single strip should be 32 ½ inch.

Step 3: Step3


Cut the drawn lines carefully. You will need 11 stripes to complete this project.

Step 4: Step 4


Take one strip; measure ½ inch from the edge and put a mark. Carefully apply pressure on the corrugate so it appears flat.

Step 5: Step 5


Keep the pressed strip on a flat surface and take another strip. Paste the second strip on top of the first strip by applying glue on the marked ½ inch.

Step 6: Step 6


Repeat step 5 until all the stripes are pasted continuously; forming a single 352 inch long strip.

Step 7: Step 7


Using your thumb and forefinger roll the strips so that corrugate is facing outward as indicated in the picture.

Step 8: Step 8


After rolling the length of the stripe paste the edge securely; forming a tight coil.

Step 9: Step 9


Keep the thumb on the middle of the coil and press the coil downwards as indicated in the picture.

Step 10: Step 10


Using your hand shape the coil so it forms a shape of a bowl as indicated in the picture.

Step 11: Step 11


After you achieve the desired shape; apply glue inside the shape using a brush. Leave it aside for approximately one to two hours to dry completely.

Step 12: Step 12

Mix water and glue to 1:1 ration. Take a brush and apply

the mixture on the outside surface of the bowl. This will give the bowl a little shinning and it also makes it more steady. Leave the bowl to dry completely.

Step 13: Step 13


If you desired you could paint a design of your choice either inside or outside of the bowl to make it more attractive.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    5 years ago

    That bowl came out great! Looks like it is pretty sturdy too :)

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    That looks great and it will let air get to the bottom fruit.