Introduction: Multi-function Smart Blackboard

Design origin

Teachers' occupational injuries are nothing more than muscle soreness, dust problems, work pressure, etc. Among them, according to the market survey results, the most direct impact of the invasion of high school teachers is the dust problem, because the amount of chalk used by primary school teachers is more than the universities. And this will further affect students' health and how they learn in classes. In order to solve those problems, we decided to develop a MULTI-FUNCTION SMART BLACKBOARD.

Step 1: A Preliminary Forecast

1. Connect the upper edge of the blackboard with an
extraction motor to inhale the dust from bottom to top, and simulate the average height of male and female teachers to achieve the best extraction effect.

2. Design the development board with Raspberry Pi, replace the exhaust device with buttons, and notify users to update the filter paper to extend the use time, to achieve the benefit of wisdom and saving.

3. Using the LED light on the upper edge of the blackboard can improve the problem of insufficient lighting during learning.


1. Exhaust fan + motor

2. The blackboard

3. Plastic pipe for air outlet

4. Coffee grounds filter paper

5. Parts for Raspberry pi

6. plugs

7.LED lights

Step 2: Considerations

We need to find an air extraction equipment that can meet our needs. However, if we choose the air extraction equipment in the current market, it can extract more, indeed, but the noise generated by it will be relatively bigger. It not only affects while students learn in class but also over our budget.

So, we give preference to the existing extraction equipment, from handheld vacuum cleaner motor device, relative to other noise we find in terms of extraction equipment is the lowest, but we still need to add a similar sound-absorbing cotton material, hopes to minimum the noise, that shall not affect while teacher is teaching in class.

And then there's the problem that we might solve. Can the handheld vacuum cleaner motor device extract the dust of the chalk?

So, we have to change other factors besides the extraction equipment to achieve the best benefit of our state.

The factors that are the influence of effectiveness of dust absorption are

1. The cross-sectional area of the pipe

2. Pipe size

3. Pipe shape is circle or slit. It is necessary to simulate which one has the greatest benefit under different variables.

Step 3: 3D Printing Application

We will install the exhaust equipment and the exhaust pipe on the top of the blackboard. One side of the exhaust pipe is the exhaust motor, and the other side will be sealed with a back cover suitable for its size, to maintain the airtightness.

Step 4: Laser Cutting Machine

The logo

Using 2D drawing software Inkscape to project the floor plans needed for thunder carving, it is an open-source vector drawing software that features vector drawing on a large scale without distortion when zooming in.

We have also tested that the turntable file we used can be Shared with AI, which directly give 2D graphics to the machine. When we want to printout the logo, we can import the logo directly without changing the file.

Slit of the exhaust pipe

Plate (with fan motor)

To make the thickness of the plate, we made the internal size of the box are 9 * 9 * 7 cm. We need to calculate to avoid the box will lack an angle. In the diagram, the red one is for the fan, and the green one is for the motor. The size determined is just enough to accommodate the motor and the fan. The rest of the wiring will be placed behind the blackboard. In the excel format above, just changing the thickness of the boards will help you figure out how many cuts to make for each board.

We need to make a footrest to lock the motor, we expect to saw off the original footrest from the vacuum cleaner, and then use sandpaper to grind and stick it to the box.

Step 5: Raspberry Pi


1.Rasberry pi model B+




5.LED lights


7.Wires, plugs

8.Power Switch Button, Dupont line

Set a button to start the motor, and the continuous timer will start after the pump motor runs. After the total starting time of the motor is accumulated until the set time, the prompt light will be on, telling the user to start cleaning and replace the filter paper.

Also, LED lights are installed above the blackboard. When the LDR senses that the brightness of lights around the blackboard is lower than a certain value, LED lights will be turned on for lighting.

Step 6: The Finished Product

Multi-function smart blackboard

We installed a suction pipe on the upper edge of the blackboard, and a slit was made in the pipe, which extended to the right end of the blackboard and connected with the filter paper collecting dust. The right end of the filter paper was then connected to the exhaust device. A button was set at the top right of the blackboard to start the device for the exhaust device. When the pump device is started for a certain period, the prompt light will be on to remind the user to replace the filter paper.

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