Introduction: Multiple USB Port Without Any PCB

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This is my second instructable and here I am going to share with you of project where you can make multiple USB port to use in your PC because when you are working from home you have a great problem of using many devices as most of the devices now has USB interface. Please follow me if you like a project and don't forget to vote me.


Old USB cable - 1
Female USB port - any number

Step 1: Collecting Materials

For USB connection we are going to use a USB cable and here I am using a cable from my old project. and that for the female USB ports we can use old broken OTG cables and we can also pluck them out from the old devices which have them. You can also make a female USB port from the male USB ports.

Step 2: Making Our Own Female USB

For this we need to remove the metal case on the USB and then we are going to solder elevated metal wires on four pins in the cable. This is to provide point for electrical connection between the male and female port. Actually wires remains in the same sequence.

Step 3: Connection

This is the easiest part just you have to connect the ground wires, d+, d- and the +5 volt wires together and all the ports should be connected in parallel and you are ready with your multiport USB panel.

Step 4: Assembling

For this you can cut out rectangular slots in some small rectangular box and their you can make a pool for the USB cable to go inside and the final part is to connect the USB cable to all the ports and finally you are done with your project. This project is very useful and as simple. So I hope to see your edition of the project so for timing. Bye!!!!

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