Introduction: Multipurpose Music Stand

During rehearsals, I would forget a bunch of things that you would need during a performance, such as rosin for your bow and your sometimes your music. With my music stand, not only did I solve these problems, but I also found a solution that allows your music to stay in place when playing outside in windy conditions.

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

List of Materials: Music Stand, Velcro, Saran Wrap, Command Outdoor Hook, Command Picture Laying Strips (4 Pack), Rosin, Folder, Scissors, and Five Binder Clips

Step 2: Rosin Holder (Part 1)

The first step in creating this utility is making a holder for your rosin. For this, you will get your pieces of Velcro, and cut it into a strap that is a little smaller than your rosin using scissors.

Step 3: Rosin Holder (Part 2)

Once you have your cut pieces, you will need to insert one piece onto the bottom of the stand and place the other piece on the bottom of the rosin. In my example, I put it on the right hand corner of the stand. For clarification, the Velcro is going to be placed underneath the stand on its flat part.

Step 4: Rosin Holder (Part 3)

The last step of the rosin section is to connect the two pieces together. This rosin holder will end up looking like this.

Step 5: Built in Folder (Part 1)

The next step in building the multipurpose music stand is to use the 4 pieces of command photo laying strips. For each strip, you will need to individually split the two pieces. Once they are split, you will have to connect the exposed sides to each other. You will know that you are doing this right if you hear a snap. The snap is what tells you they are connected.

Step 6: Built in Folder (Part 2)

Once you hear the snap, you will need to remove the adhesive from one side of the strip. Once it is gone, you will place it on the back of your folder in one of the corners. It is recommended that you repeat this step 4 times until all corners of your folder are covered.

Step 7: Built in Folder (Part 3)

Once all four of your corners are covered, you will have to remove the adhesive sticking to the side facing you just as you did to put stick the strip onto the stand. Once you have individually taken all of the adhesives off, you will gently place the back of the folder onto the back of the side on whichever side you desire. Press firmly on each corner for the best results. After you have stuck your folder onto the back of your stand, it is time for the next step.

Step 8: Saran Wrap Holder (Part 1)

The next step is the making for your saran wrap. The first thing you will want to do is, cut a circular hole on the side opposite of the built in blade that is approximately 2 inches from the top and 0.5 inches wide in diameter.

Step 9: Saran Wrap Holder (Part 2)

The next thing that you are going to want to do is, set up your hook to hold the saran wrap and container itself. In order to do this, you will have to use the command outdoor hook. First, peel side off that does not say "wall side". After that, put the strip on the back of the hook. Gently remove the side that says "wall side." Next, you will place that exposed side onto the back of the stand on a side that is not occupied. That gives you your hook.

Step 10: Saran Wrap Holder (Part 3)

With a hole in your container, and a hook on your stand, the next thing you will do is, let the saran wrap hang from the hook using the hole you made in part one.

Step 11: Setting Up Your Music

In order to use this stand, you will need to cut a piece of saran wrap that is the same size, in length, as your stand. Next you will place it on the front of your stand and use binder clips to hold it down at all four corners. Wind won't be blowing your music away anytime soon.

Step 12: Video

Enjoy your new Multipurpose Music Stand

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