Introduction: Multy Dice Lineariser

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In table top and role play games, one often has to throw lots and lots of dice, that all mean something different depending on what was thrown before.

To spend less time throwing dice, and more time playing, people throw multiple dice at once, but that has to it's own problems

For example you might be getting a + 1 on your throws, if you rolle a 6.

Now let's say you roled a 5 and a 6.

If you roled the 6 first, you already have the +1 on your roles for the 5, so it counts as a six, giving you a second +1.

If you roled the 5 first, the you only get the +1 for the 6.

Using a Multy Dice Lineariser, you can get the right result, with out rolling dice one by one.

Step 1: What You Need

1 plastic bottle

15 dice

1 role of tape

some sheets of paper

Step 2: Cutting the Bottle

Cut a stripe, a little broader, than the dice you will be using out of the bottle.

To do this, cut around the bottle in two placed, a little more than the breath of a die appart.

Cut the resulting ring, so that you get a stripe.

The stripe will be the window, through witch you can see the dice, the rest of the bottle will be the space, where the dice can rolle around freely.

Step 3: Making the Display Area

Take three sheets of paper together. Make 4 folds, a little more than the breath of a die appart.

Fix the paper into a loose three wall shape, with tape and cut off the protruding paper.

Step 4: Adding the Display Window

Straighten out a bit the stripe of plastic you cut form the bottle.

Glue the stripe along one of the wals of the paper three wall structure with tape from both sides.

Push the stripe down to the other wall, forming the sight window and forth wall of the display area.

Put a stripe of tape on the plastic from the inside, so that id protrudes a little over the paper wall. Then glue the plastic stripe and paper wall with an other stripe of tape together from the outside, also fixing the tape, that protrudes from inside.

This way you can fix the shight window form inside and outside, like you did on the other side.

Step 5: Reinforcing and Closing the Display Area

Make a paper role form three sheets of paper. Do not role it super tight, but so that you can still bend it.

Fix the role with tape and tape it to the bottom side of the display area, so that it protrudes by the hight of the display construction on one side and a lot on the other.

Bend over the shorter end of the paper role, and fix it wiht tape, to close the display area.

Make small cuts in the other side of the display area and bend the paper role back a little.

This will allow you later to insert he bottle and connnect it to the display area, so that the dice don't get struck.

Step 6: Put Together the Bottle

Interlock and tape the bottle parts together.

I was luck with the bottle I used, the parts fit together perfectly.

If they don't fit, make small cuts in one side to interlock them.

Put the dice into the bottle.

Step 7: Put the Bottle and Display Area Together

Put the bottleneck into the display area, were you made the cuts.

Make sure, the part with the cuts forms a short funnel.

Tape the display area and bottle together.

Step 8: Add the Blende

Make a stripe of paper as broad as the viewing window.

Role a stripe of tape around the disply area withe the sticky side outwards.

Glue one end of the paper stripe to the tape ring and put an other layer of tape on the sticky side of the tape, this time with it's sticky side inwards.

Make a similar ring of tape around the bottle neck.

Tape it to the Bottle on the backside of the display are and thread the paper stripe through the ring on the view window side.

Now you can shift the paper stripe up and down, to reveal or hide the dice.

This allows you to use one die roll accross decitions, furter improving the speed of your game.

Step 9: Usage

Turn the bottle side down, so that the dice fall into the bottle.

Twirle the Multi Dice Lineariser around and turn the bottle part up again.

Continue twirling the Lineariser a bit, to get the dice into the display area.

Shift the blende to reveal the dice.

Role dice faster, to leave more time for strategy, narrative and play.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming.


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