Introduction: Mummy Cupcake!

This instructable shows you how to make a mummy cupcake! Fast, fun, and simple!

Step 1:

Things you'll need:
Frosted cupcake
Food coloring/dye (green and black)
Powdered sugar
Rollin pin

Step 2:

Start off by cutting two, small pieces of fondant. Dye the first piece green and the second piece black.
***make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after this step***

Step 3:

-Make two little circles (just make two little balls and flatten them with your finger) with the black fondant (not pictured above, sorry!)

-With the green fondant you will make two circles that are a bit bigger than the little black circles.

-Paste (with a dab of water) the little black circles onto the green circles (lower left).

-With another piece of black fondant, cut out a rectangle (does not need to be a perfect rectangle).

-Paste the eyes (right next to each other) onto the black rectangle. You now have the mummy's eyes!!

***Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after this step! You'll be working with the white fondant now!***

Step 4:

Roll out the white fondant. Cut about ten thin strips using a knife.

Step 5:

-After you are done cutting the strips, get your frosted cupcake and put the little black rectangle (the eyes) in the center of the cupcake.

-You can start placing the strips onto the cupcake until fully covered (place a few strips going diagonally, and some overlapping each other creating the mummy wrap).

Step 6:

Once you are done covering the cupcake, you can use the scissors to cut the end of the strips (pictured above). Press the end of the strips onto the edge of the cupcake where there is frosting so that the fondant sticks. Also, if you'd like you can add a little bit of frosting onto the bottom of the strips that are overlapping other strips so they won't fall off.

Step 7:

And here is the mummy!! :)

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