Introduction: Music Interactive Light Box

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Hi guys.

This is a light box interacting with music (or all kinds of sounds). I created this as one of my research project for physical computing. But it seems also good to decorate your home. So I am uploading step by step process for this project to share with you.

Even though the design attached here is related with Christmas, you can customize it based of your preference by changing the Christmas tree into a unicorn, a rainbow or etc.

Step 1: Prepare Tools and Materials

Prepare all materials and tools for the light box.

For this project, we need ...

1. Christmas box design (check the attached file)

2. Parts to make a card board holder (check the attached file)

3. Sparkling wrapping paper (75mm * 90mm)

4. Baking paper (75mm * 90mm)

5. MIC sensor (1)

6. RGB LED (2)

7. Arduino Nano (1)

7. Some jumper wires

Step 2: Making a Light Box

1. Put a baking paper to cover the tree shape on the inside of box.

2. Put the sparkling wrapping paper on the opposite side.

3. Crease well to make the box before fixing LED inside of it.

Step 3: Glue LED Inside of the Box

It is time to glue LED on the sparkling paper. Make sure that the LED should face the paper.

All lights reflected on this paper will be scattered through this sparkling parts.

Step 4: Close Up the Box and Connect With the Card Board Holder

1. Close up the Christmas tree box using double sided tape. Double sided tape make it easier to attach different parts together.

2. After completing to close the box, take the wires of each LED out through the holes on the card board.

Step 5: Make the Circuit and Downlaod Code

1. With a MIC sensor, Arduino Nano and RGB LEDs, connect each part together for the circuit.

You can refer the circuit picture, if you have no idea about a electronic circuit.

2. After finishing the circuit, copy and paste the code below to Arduino software.

===================== code ==========================

#define MIC_SENSOR 8
const int led[6] = {2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7};

void lightOn(); void lightOff();

void setup () { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode (MIC_SENSOR, INPUT); for (int i = 0 ; i < 6 ; i ++) { pinMode(led[i], OUTPUT); } }

void loop () { if (!digitalRead(MIC_SENSOR)) { lightOn(); delay(50); } else { lightOff(); } }

void lightOn() { for (int i = 0 ; i < 6 ; i ++) { digitalWrite(led[i], random(0, 2 )); } }

void lightOff() { for (int i = 0 ; i < 6 ; i ++) { digitalWrite(led[i], LOW); }


Step 6: Finalizing Process

1. Attach the MIC part on the hole of the cardboard holder.

2. Then close the box by putting the bottom part of the cardboard holder.

Step 7: Now It Is Completed!

Time to play your favorite music and enjoy watching the light dance.

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