Introduction: Musical Pick Up Sticks

About: exploring the synergy of music and architecture

In this instructable we'll show you how to make your own set of musical pick up sticks. Play them on your own or with friends.

Step 1: Find a Set of Cylindrical Chimes

Go find a set of cylindrical chimes at any store, whose tuning you find interesting, or pleasing to your ear. [Multi-colored chimes are beneficial. If chimes are all one color, get colored permanent marker, to label the metal, in thick stripes, across each cylinder.]

Step 2: Cut the String

Cut the string, so chimes are independent.

Step 3: Discover Tones

Drop the loose chimes on a cutting board, tabletop, or on various texture hard surface floors — to discover different combinations of tones, diads, and harmonic intervals and relationships.

Step 4: Create Music

Create melodies, harmonic patterns, or simply play chance operations of realtime music composition! Play at will.

Step 5: Pair With Other Instruments

Pair with other instruments in that key, or in similar rhythmic structure, to create arrangements, and found sound music. (examples: FM3 BuddhaBox machines, looping DAW, pedal rig, etc.)