Introduction: Mustard Green Chips


1 bunch of Mustard Greens  (can use Kale or any greens really)
1 Tbs Lemon Juice
Himalayan Salt

Other flavors to consider
*Chili Powder
*Garlic Salt
*Onion Powder

Step 1: Prepare Greens

1.  Tear Greens into desired size pieces removing thick center steam if there is one. I like mine big so I don't tear them up much.
2.  Put the pieces in a bowl.
3.  Sprinkle the greens with lemon juice.
4.  Add desired spices.
5.  Toss with hands.

Step 2: Baking Chips

1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees.  ( if you want to cook the chips quicker, you can use 250-300 degrees, but check frequently as too much heat too quick will burn them)
2. Spread green pieces  in a single layer either on a non-stick pan, pan layered with parchment paper, or I use a pizza pan with holes in the bottom to prevent sticking.
3. Place in oven and let them dehydrate until crispy (30 minutes)
4. Remove from oven and let chips cool (If you don't end up eating them straight from the pan)
5. Store any for later in a air tight container.