Introduction: My Art Studio

Every artist need personal space for creating. That place needs to be very inspiring and intimate. I spend lots of hours in my studio and this is how I created it.

Step 1: Step 1: Painting the Walls

I have decided that I like my studio to look like some of my paintings. I always imagine that I live in a painting so I started with the background .

I used acrylic colors for the design.

Step 2: Painting the Windows

I painted the windows too. I liked them to look like they are made in vitrage technique, but since that is too expensive I just used the acrylic color to achieve the wanted effect

Step 3: Choosing Pattern

The pattern I chose is inspired by the street art doodles and I was also inspired from the culture of oriental tribes.

Step 4: The Furniture

The furniture is separated. One part of the studio is settled for working. It has working table, art supplies, shelves and a lots of light. And the other part is settled for guests.

Step 5: Looking for a Furniture

Well I didn't had much money to buy new chairs or desks so I used and recreated what I already had. I painted my desk in black and red. Made a bench and put some pillows on it. The coffee table is actually a bottle shelve that I turned up-side down and I put two glass pieces and one wooden one that I previously painted in red. And that was pretty much all.

Step 6: The Best Working Place

It took me a week, several buckets of acrylic color and second hand furniture and I got the best art studio in the world.