Introduction: My Basement Lair

About: I work as an engineer. I am slowly building my home machine shop (and skills). I like to tinker and make, but I'm mostly on the mechanical side of things. I work with FIRST robotics teams. Always looking to le…

Here is the new and improved workshop in the basement. It's a sweet setup. It includes a nice workbench, pegboards for tools, a mini lathe, grinding and sanding center, the press table (drill and arbor flavors), the CNC mill rebuild (subject of an upcoming instructable!), computing center, and of course, the movie screen (old 21 inch monitor and the OLD CNC computer.) The welding machine and compound miter saw live in the garage for safety reasons.

The slides show the old shop, the construction of the new shop and bench, and the current shop in use. What an improvement! Heck - if I can put this together, anyone can put a small shop together to make the finest things around. I know it, and you know it!

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