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ok, so my audio system has been a constant changing organism for about 2 or 3 years now. adding a subwoofer was one of the very first modifications I made to my car and would never NOT have a sub in any of my future cars.

my current system is composed of (2x) Audiobahn Subs (honestly not sure what line or model, its been a while), and a mono 1440 Power Acoustic Amp (not the greatest quality, but it hits ok). My headunit is a JVC KW-HDR720 from crutchfield (its my 3rd headunit, and would definately buy from crutchfield too). My tweeters on the dash are stock, nothing special, but i replaced my door speakers with some Kenwood KFC-1662S, again nothing special but it was a better alternative from blowing out my stock speakers because of the headunit swap.

Before I continue I thought I'd explain the "Scikotics" sign and decals. I am an active member of the local chapter of the Scikotics car club (Scikotics KC). Scikotics is an ALL scion club and has many chapters all over the US (even in Hawaii). now each member choosing their style and how they choose to "fashion" their scion, so not all members have large stereo's and bling rims, many are often just stock cars. Since I have Scikotics decals on my car I decided to add something to the "plain" face of the sub enclosure. 

The sub system (box, subs, and amp) all came from a friend who wanted to sell his system because he was getting a different car, but the modifications done to the sub box are as follows: re-wrapped in a pleather type material (same as door panels), I had to add custom fit pieces of MDF to the rectangular sub box in order to give a "custom fit" look (but also adds nice little side cubbies for storage of tools, roof rack ties, and other oddities), I also added ALOT of LED's (green) [6 pods in the sub box (to light up my custom covers), and strip lighting behind the Scikotics sign "floating" in front of the box, and more will be added in the future im sure]. 

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