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I guess all we have connected a sensor to the Arduino, Raspberry pi and/or ESP8266 or another platform we wanted to see our sensors and bugs from the internet presented a possible solution. We will focus on 2 themes Emoncms OpenEnergyMonitor and hosting Arvixe in the Cloud.

About 3 years ago I found the Emoncms platform (Openenergymonitor) an open source project that has created a community, since then I have done a lot of testing.

This platform is called OpenEnergyMonitor OEM, it is hardware monitoring design using platforms and open source applications (Arduino RPI ESP8266 Python nodejs Node-RED etc), Its Emoncms web interface initially its base is the display of electrical consumption (Mains, Solar Panels ), Visualization of temperature sensors, relative humidity, pressure among other variables, control routines have been created for On-Off systems.

Website: OpenEnergyMonitor

English Tutorial Complete: Quick View to Platform Emoncms OpenEnergyMonitor in Hosting

Tutorial Español Completo: Vista Rapida a Plataforma Emoncms OpenEnergyMonitor en Hosting

Step 1: Tutorial: Quick View Emoncms OpenSource in Hosting Arvixe

The sending and request data to this platform is via JSON VIA - url although it also has an MQTT client in php, which I have not yet configured or tested. I have sent and received data to Emoncms from ESP8266, Python (Windows-Linux-MAC-Raspberry pi), and php Javascript Node-RED with no complications.

This platform we consider versatile since it is of easy installation, although it requires to have basic knowledge of mysql and php, we have tried in Raspberry pi, Windows 7, Windows 10, Lubuntu Linux and hosting. This project has advanced to the point of having repositories in docker and versions for servers, in my case use the basic version.

Step 2: ​Information Complete and Downloads

Emoncms in Hosting Arvixe
Some years ago we did some tests in a free hosting (Hostinger) emoncms only requires mysql and an "apache" webserver with certain configurations to receive Json.

A few years ago but being free failed very easy and very little bandwidth prevented sending data frequently but worked emoncms.

On this occasion I have acquired a domain and a hosting or personal hosting with Arvixe and I have set up Emoncms and made the required configurations.

Information Complete and downloads

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