Introduction: My Very First Knex Gun!!

About: Hi there! I am Aashil Gupta . I am very excited to be here with the community on Intructables.

My very first knex gun It can shoot but I don't really use it to shoot.I hope you like my gun! Add your own Idea's or even recreate it better yet use the imagination you All have inside! Be safe and be Imaginative! And also if you think there could be fixes to the gun comment them and I will respond and maybe even use those.


They are listed with the Steps

Step 1: Triple Handle

To make 3 handles these (below) are the pieces used.

18 Tiny Green connectors

6 Yellow parts

6 Red parts

and assemble as shown in pic.

Yay! you have accomplished making the handle.

Step 2: Body of the Gun With Triple Mag

Parts needed to make the gun's body and make 1 extra mag

25 Tiny Green Connectors

10 White parts

6 White Connectors

2 blue/purple parts

6 Green parts

3 Yellow parts

and assemble as shown in pic

Yay! you finished the body and mag of the gun

Step 3: Connecting the Body of the Gun Together

Parts needed

1 white connector

Step 4: Middle of the Gun to Support the Gun

Parts needed to make the middle of the gun

1 Orange part

5 Yellow parts

5 Green Connectors

and assemble as shown in pic

yippee! you finished building the Middle of the gun

Step 5: Putting the Gun Together

Parts needed: All parts built for this gun

You may need to break the attached body of the gun for this step

attach like shown in pics

Step 6: Part One of the Finishing Touches

parts needed

2 Blue connectors

2 orange parts

and assemble as shown in pics

Step 7: Part Two of the Finishing Touches. You Will Need to Repeat What You Made in This Step.

Parts needed to make this

2 Blue connectors

4 Red parts

2 Green connectors

and assemble as shown in pics

Step 8: Third Step of the Finishing Touches

Parts needed for this step

1 White connector

1 Gray connector-long

1 Light gray part

1 Green connector

1 Rubber band

Step 9: Last and Final Step of Finishing Touches

no parts just video

Step 10: Amazing You Completed Making a Knex Gun

I hope you enjoy the gun!

Step 11: