Introduction: My Halloween Display 2015

This is my Halloween display of 2015, and how you can make it too! This may not be the most elaborate or good looking thing you've ever seen but I was 11 when I made it.

Step 1: Materials and Money Spent (CAD)

Even really good Instructables don't have a materials list, so here you go:

Foam board (2-3 sheets. It depends on how big you want it)

Paint (brown, black. Grey paint can be used for detailing)

Plastic anchor

Blue tarp

Skulls (2)

Orange tissue paper

White sheet

Blue light bulb

Desk lamp

Hot glue gun


Pole of some sort for the mast

All in all this really didn't cost very much. It was maybe $20 - $30 or so.

Step 2: Basic Construction

To start, cut your foam board into two halves and cut a circle into one of the corners as shown. Prepare the pieces like in the picture. They should be leaning on each other with the skull at the apex. Form this point on I apologize for the lack of images as I was unable to take any more except for the next step.

Step 3: Painting

For this step I used simple Dollarama paint, which seemed to suffice. Try rubbing your foam board with sandpaper before painting to give it more of a rough look.

Step 4: More Pieces

Now that that's finished, cut another triangular piece to go in between the other two. Paint it with the same sandpaper / paint technique. If you wish use black paint to make the pieces look like they're made out of planks.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Now, hot glue the pieces together so that it looks like the front of a ship poking out of the ground. make sure that the top piece is about an inch or two down below the top of the others. attach one of the skulls to the front.Add the anchor to the ship so that the chain runs into the hole, and fill the hole with orange tissue paper.

Step 6: The Mast and Sail

For the mast, I used wrapping paper tubes structurally enhanced with a broom. If you have access I would suggest using custom wooden poles. For the sail, any kind of white sheet will do. Paint a skull pattern or something on the sail and cut some slits in it. At the top of the mast you can add anything you like. Some suggestions are: a skull, a 'crows nest', or maybe another pole with a miniature skeleton in a cage.

Step 7: Finalizing

Now you are more or less done. Just run a cord from the inside to the blue lamp and lay down the tarp. Set up the sail so that the light shines up it and place the ship a little ways ahead. If you want you could add a skeleton clinging on to the ship or maybe a treasure chest filled with chocolate coins.

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