Introduction: My Latest Project TARDIS Tesla

TARDIS Tesla is an electric performance/game involving two large tesla coils, a replica TARDIS, and sonic screwdriver TV remotes. The way it works is there are two players each with a sonic screwdriver that they use to play a game of Bulls and Cows These sonic screwdrivers have accelerometers in them that detects movement like up, down, left, right, ect. The players move their screwdriver to input a sequence of commands assigned to each movement. Each screwdriver has a corresponding coil it controls via a computer program and arduinos. The Two Players (or companions) demonstrate their ability to use a sonic screwdriver to gain access to the TARDIS. Whenever they enter in part of the combo, their corresponding coil fires a bolt of lightning at the TARDIS. If it's correct, the bolt sounds like a sonic screwdriver and if it's incorrect sounds like an error beep. Who ever wins gets to pick a song to play on the coils.

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We have built one 8ft coil and have been running it a bunch.  You can check out our website for photos, videos, and more information.

Here is a video of the Peanuts theme being played on the coil.