Introduction: Super Simple 10-step Arduino Sequencer

This sequencer is so simple I only need one step to show you how! Right now it's a 10 step sequencer but could easily be more just by changing the "step" variable in the code.

All you need for this project is:



10K resistor (to pull down the digital input pin of the arduino)

10k Potentiometer

and of course an Arduino

Instructions on how to assemble the circuit are in the arduino sketch.

How to Play

Hold button down and turn pot to select tone, realase when done.

Wait for step you wish to set, then quickly push the button.

To clear (reset) press arduino's reset button.

How it works

This is actually just an adaptation of the AnalogInput example sketch. Load it up and see for yourself, I DARE YOU!

Within the loop, we count the time that is passing. We then get the value of the tone that we stored in EEPROM at a given address. This number is in milliseconds. We turn on the speaker pin and loop while counting the time passing. Once the value of the tone has passed we turn off the speaker pin. If the button is pressed we set the current tone to the value of the pot so we can select a tone. If the button we pressed for long it just goes back to the EEPROM values, if it was a quick press then we now write the current EEPROM address with out new tone value.

Step 1: Pro Version 1.0

The Pro version is practically the same thing and works just like the original but with extra features and it's only 135 more lines of code. (original 128 lines, Pro v1.0 263 lines). The pro adds on a speed pot, a pause button, and some indication of where in the sequence you are.

You will need

The circuit from the last step


10k or 100k pot (value doesn't matter much)

7 Segment display

7 current limiting resistors for above (220 - 500ohm)

Again the circuit instructions are in the arduino sketch.