Introduction: My Little Bonsai

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Hi and welcome to the paper sculpture world.
I'm Bruno from France and today I'm gonna show you how to make a little funny Bonsai!
I am always impressed to see what can be done with just a simple sheet of paper. I'm specialized in paper sculpture creation and today I'm gonna share you a small and easy project. It will be a pretty thing for your Home Decor room.

Here is the list of what you should need:
- Download the free Papercraft Template (PDF format)
- 2 or more paper sheets (both A4 & US Letter)
- A black printer
- Cutter or scissors
- Glue or double sided tape

Step 1: Choose Your Paper Color

For this 3D Low poly sculpture I did use 3 colors:
- Green for the tree foliage and the grass (page N°2)
- Brown for the bonsai trunk (page N°1)
- Orange for the pot

I generally use a thick paper (300 gsm) but you are free to use another thin paper. it works too.

Step 2: Print the Free PDF Template

Print the pages from the PDF provided. A black & white printer is enough.

Step 3: Cut

Now cut all the pieces needed for the assembling of the bonsai sculpture.
I use a cutter to get perfect line but if you are more comfortable with scissors, this is perfect too!

Step 4: Fold

Fold all the pieces.

Each pieces contain some important folding informations. They are represented by 2 different type:
- Short narrow lines = Mountain fold
- Long spaced lines = Valley fold

Step 5: Help With Video Tutorial

To help you more, here is a quick video tutorial from my YouTube Channel showing you how to do a mountain and valley fold.

Step 6: Sticking

I use double sided tape for my Paper Crafts but if you prefer to use standard glue this is perfect too.
I prefer double sided tape because it does clean sticking without smudge.

Step 7: Repeat for All Pieces

Apply double sided tape for all the pieces.

Step 8: Assembling

This step is definitively my favorite! I take a real pleasure to assemble and see the progress of the papercraft.

Let's tart with the piece N°1 that consists of the tree foliage.

Step 9: Piece N°2

Assemble the piece number 2 with the piece number 1.

Step 10: Piece N°3

Now assemble the piece number 3.

Step 11: Piece N°4

And finish with the piece number 4 to get the entire foliage of the bonsai. It should look like the photo.

Step 12: Piece N°5

Continue by assembling the trunk with the piece number 5.

Step 13: Piece N°6

The piece number 6 consists of the grass in the pot.

Step 14: Piece N°7

Start the pot with the piece n°7.

TIPS: it is recommended to begin with the n°13

Step 15: Piece N°8

Youhooo! here is the last piece! The piece N°8 to close the pot.

TIPS: it is recommended to start with the little number 8.

Step 16: Home Decor

Congratulation! you can now use it to decorate your room.


Step 17: Papercraft PRE-CUT KITS

If you love assembling paper sculpture I propose DIY Pre-cut Kit of many sizes.
Here is a sample of The Cute Unicorn.

And more at Origadream