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Introduction: My Ramen Noodle Stir Fry

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On a budget? Don't feel like busting your behind to cook a great meal? Want it quick easy and tasty? Sure and you can. In this instructable I make a very simple and tasty stir fry with ramen noodles. I kept it simple but you can add plenty of other stuff. Let's get started.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

Materials Needed:

2-4 Ramen Packets [You decide. I used 4 here]
2-4 Mushrooms [depending on how many you like/want]
a Quarter of a Yellow Onion
Soy Sauce: a little bit [added in the final step for extra flavor]
1 Package of Budding Meat [they are .79 cents by me].

Step 2: Prep Ramen:

Prepare Ramen like it says then drain and place noodles back in pot.

Step 3: Fry Up Stuff in Pan:

While you are preparing Ramen in another pan place sliced up mushrooms [stem too!], onion and Buddig Meat [I used Beef you can use whatever one]. Everything has to be sliced and diced real easy to do. Place oil [just a little to fry with] and fry up the stuff. once done shut heat off and place pan on back burner no flame.

Step 4: Mix It All Together:

mix everything in the pot [remember: no water!]

Step 5: Almost Done:

I actually added a small amount of Olive oil and mixed everything around so that it gives it a little wetness. If you want, add a bit of soy sauce at the end. And if you want add a small amount of flavoring packet cause soy sauce and meat have salt.

Step 6: And Remember:

you can add lots of other stuff but I kept it basic here. You can add broccoli, or cauliflower or peppers too...whatever you want. build your own world. Let me know if you like. Later!

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