Introduction: My Wood Table

This was the first table I ever made. I could have done better if I had more time in my class but it was due in just a few days so I did what I could. I use a wood stain, I'm certain it was dark walnut but I could be wrong. The length and width of the table are 19 inches and the height is close to 16 and 16.5. it's a sturdy table but wouldn't recommend sitting on it but if you do it won't break. The legs are supposed to as long as 15 inches and 3/4 but the legs are not even though I thought they were but it still stands but it is a little wobbly. I made a style for the legs, two legs go one way and the other two legs go another way. It's supposed to be a style. I used nails on three sides, one of the sides I use screws but I was having trouble using screws so I used nails. I will be making something new for the next wood contest or any contest that will be coming soon and I thank you for listening to me.


First, you'll need a flat table that is 16-by-16 inches. Second, four legs for the table that is 15 inches and 3/4. Also, you'll need four nails or screws your choice I prefer you to use screws instead of nails if you want to take the table apart. you'll need any kind of wood stain to make your table a different color that you like. In the end, the height should be 16 or 16 1/2, your choice.

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