Introduction: My New Conveniently Small USB Memory

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Well, I found a small USB memory from ZAP that holds 2 gb.. I decided to disassemble it to make it more convenient. When I got access to the actual memory I was surprised, it was only 2,5 cm long ! Some people will think this isn't small, compared to the nano transmitters for mouses, but why I  was shocked was because with the housing the USB memory measured 4,9 cm, and that is almost 2 times as big (1,96) !! So, when I had disassembled it I started to think on how I would be able to shrink it even further, since my first plan was to keep the metallic housing for the USB, I later ditched that idea. I later realized that I had a piece of quite thick paper right in front of me which was ideal for this! So, by gluing two of these pieces together and then onto the bottom of the memory it could be inserted into the USB slot so that the PC noted it, huge sucess ! However, since the connectors on the memory aren't scratch-proof I will have to be careful around it.  Without the USB case and everything it was so convenient I am puzzled it came from a 4,9 cm long USB memory !

The only thing left is to find it's use, store it in my wallet, use ReadyBoost with it, or just have some kind of entertainment on it and keep it in my pocket ?  I will think more about that..

IF you want to do this yourself, most of the images I provided show how-to. However, your USB memory will probably differ from mine. 

Well, since this probably isn't the first one of these I did not make an instructable... Just for the sake of  showing my thoughts I used photos instead.

Well, some pictures won't upload - so I will try again tomorrow.

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