Introduction: (Very) Simple Pencil Case

Hey ! First instructable ! :)

So, in school, in dont want to go around with a huge pencil case. Although they are very practical, they aren't very convenient. So, I decided to make a very simple pencil case for my three pens.

I made this in 15 minutes or so, and I planned for it.

Well, my version can hold three pencils, and it fits into my pocket. The length is around 19 cm (Around 7.5 inch)

I used two post-it notes from Nordic Office. They arent the square one, these are rectangles.
I also used some marking tape, any tape will work though - espacially duct tape !
I also used a double-tipped pen, for making my design.

Well, since this is very simple, most pictures will be on what I used, and then text on what I did.

Step 1: Fold the Paper Into Half

Half of its length.

PLEASE NOTE:  That thats what I needed, if you use another paper make sure your quantity of pens fit inside it.

Also, use your tape (optional - recommend it though) and tape all around the paper. It might be a good idea to unfold it and then tape it. Also, make sure you tape over one bottom side of the paper, so that it becomes closed.

Step 2: Do Step 1 Again

But this time, put the other one one top of the other, so they overlap eachother.
Then, unfold it and tape it if you did it with the first one.

Step 3: Now, Put the Paper Back On

Put the paper back on, and then tape them together, or glue, or whatever you want. I taped them.
It makes a junction, but who cares. Make sure that you have around 3 cm (1,2 inch) leftover on the top, to make a flap to close this case.

Step 4: Creating the Flap

So, now theres only the flap left - and then the optional panting !

To make it I cut of one side of the flap, so that there were only one flap left, on one side. I then used a x-acto or mat cutter, or w/e you call them, and made a cut in the middle of it, wide enough for a bit of tape to enter.

I then took the tape and folded it together, adhesive to adhesive side, and saved a cm or so so that it could stick to the pencil case. I then placed the "flap holder" beneath the flap and placed it so that it could easily enter the hole I cut. The flap will now stay closed !

After that, theres only the painting left, if you want. I simply made an arrow on the tape for the flap, wrote "V1LL33's awesome pencil case", and some of my favourite words I often use (huzza, zing and awesome)
You can however paint like a tribal or a dragon, if youre that dedicated.

Well, your done. Feel free to comment on changes you made, ideas you want to make or any comments about the instructable - maybe I used the image notes a little to much..
Feedback, please !
I'm planning on making this in duct tape, maybe in the weekend.. I have heaps of cardboard to use that weekend, any ideas ? :) Im making Loshagans cardboard shelf and the Giant FN button, so those would be excluded.