Introduction: My School Life

I'm writing about a small incident in my school life. When I was in grade 10, our Physics teacher, Mr. Joseph held a 10-day vacation class on physics.

All students of our class (50 students) were asked to come regularly for that class. We were all joyful because we could see each other during vacation in this class.

Finally, the day came and our class started. On the first day, all students came for the class. But do you know that our teacher is very strict? Yes, he is. As a result, we couldn't even talk in the class. Everybody got depressed and began saying that it would be much better staying in the home. From the second day onward, students started bunking the class.

You can see the students on each day if you click this link. I have plotted it as a graph using plotly:

On the last day, me and my best friends decided to go to park after the class to enjoy. We went to the near-by park and spent a lot of time there. We bought many eatables from the park.

You can see what we have bought and how much money did we spend by clicking the link below :

After that, we went to our houses. I reached home and I started reading newspaper. My eyes got struck in a graph about child marriage prevailing in a country.

You can see it on the link below :

I then switched the TV ON and I saw the temperature on each day in the year 2001.

You can see it below:

I also came across the no. of cities and villages and their population over different years. I could see a increase in the no. of cities and its population whereas no.of villages and its population were gradually decreasing.

You can see it here :

I also came across an advertisement of a hospital for infertility treatment. They have given a graph of the births in their hospital.
It is shown below :

I then went through an automobile magazine and I came across a graph showing the number of cars sold by different companies during different years in my country.

It is here :

This my story about school life and I used PLOTLY to create such wonderful and informative plots. Thanks a lot Plotly !

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