Introduction: MyRCCar 1/10 MTC Chassis Updated. Customizable Chassis for Monster Truck, Crawler or Scale RC Car

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After finishing with the OBTS chassis I knew I was not covering all RC car types with that one. That's why the MTC chassis started to appear in my mind.
The main goal this time is to have a great clearance, so the center of gravity is also higher. This will make the car to roll over if you turn close at high speeds. Also all the parts are a little over-sized to be as strong as possible, but maybe this makes the car a little heavy too.

The way I designed this chassis can be observed in the evolution of my publications in thingiverse. I had all the ideas finally made real in my mind from the beginning, but I could not face their design challenges all together. That's why my "designing style" for this chassis was something like "let some doors opened" to continue the work in other directions after taking some key design decisions in some points.

There are a few successful makes of this chassis now and I also had the chance to test it, improve it and film it! Please, take a look to some of the next videos to know more about this chassis, mostly in the Independent Suspension Version. Here they are:

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