Introduction: Mysterious Treasure Riddle Thingy

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This is a puzzle you can make on your friends and family.

It's like that Sherlock episode where they use book ciphers to hide a message.

So you will need:
1. A book (preferably old).
2. A page to write on.
3. A fancible pen.
4. A place to write what you're going to do and how.
5. A reward.

Step 1: (Old) Book

You will need a book or some kind of text that you can use a cipher.

I picked up this book for 0.2 pounds at a flea market (there were lots of books like this one)

It doesn't matter really what text you use, as long as it contains a basic vocabulary of words.
The book i used had a lot of egyptian names and stuff so i decided to make the code include some of them.

Step 2: Note to Victim

You will need to somehow deliver the enciphered words to the person you're gonna pull the puzzle on.

I did it by writing it on the back a already torn out page of the same book as i used for the ciphering.

You can do it by placing a file on their computer, or write it on their forehead as they sleep (2'nd one not serious).

Step 3: Write-a-tron 3333

This step is dedicated for my super cool Mont Blanc fueled super pen

"Even though you have a cool pen, you still write like feces" -Me

Step 4: Ciphering

There are bunch of different way's to do book ciphering.

I just did it in a very easy way: (pagenumber,linenumber,wordnumber).

So if the first word on the first line on page 1 was "Exaggerating", (001,01,01) would mean exaggerating.

Step 5: Treasure

You can use some kind of canister (like this box) for the treasure.

I put some candy and a note to another (and bigger) puzzle in the treasure box.

My idea was that the person who i was making the puzzle for, should decipher two sentences.
Someone (i instructed) would the next day say the first sentence, and the puzzle person should say the second sentence to that person.
If he said the correct sentence he recieved the treasure "chest".

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