Introduction: Mystery Light Box(Night Light)

And this is a fun little project which is easy to make,This project is reference from

,But I already changed a lot of structure of original site,.I add more led and I use the shoe box to pack it,so this project is definitely different from original site

This is the box that full of led,then the led flashing randomly,and it looks great,it can use to be night light,hope you guys have fun during the process!


Empty shoe box ×1

Arduino Leonardo ×1


12x15mm LED (any color)





Step 1: Setting the Led and Wires on Breadboard

First of all you need to cut the box lid to a rectangular hole with scissors,to let the light let the light shine from the hole.

Make sure you set led and resistor into right place.

I set white led because it can assist with other colors,to create the beautiful visual effect.

Yellow led wire connect to pin 9

Red led wire connect to pin 8 and pin 6

Green led wire connect to pin 10

Blue led wire connect to pin 11

White led wire connect to pin 7

each led should be connect with one wire

You can use wire cutter If you need it,to let the wire looks not messy.

(I'll explain the code in final steps so don't worry)

Step 2: Putting Everything in Box

Use a tissue to cover led let the led have better visual effect.or you can use some transparent material to cover it,and connect the type A to arduino, then it works

Caution:you need to drill the hole on the side of the box to let charging cable comes out,otherwise it doesn't work actually.

Step 3: Code

I changed the time from original site,and It is little bit more complicated than original basically,

You can change the time or add more led (more pin)

it's up to you

Step 4: Close the Box and Done

Grand veiling!I offer two different edition of videos,one is ''brightness''edition,other is ''darkness''edition,in my perspective,it could be night light,You can also connect your charging cable to a power bank, Overall,this project is simple,just setting wires and Led,and enter the code then done,it should be a easy project,hope your guys enjoy!