Introduction: Night Light

this project is fun and easy,just need little few's a night light,when you sleeping you may activated could automatically change the color.

But before make this project,you need to purchase arduino ,here is a link to purchase it.


12x15mm LED (any color)
some wires




Empty shoe box ×1(or the box)

Arduino Leonardo ×1


wire cutter(it's up to you)

Step 1: Set Up a Wire and Led

first of all you need to set up your wire and led

blue wire connect to pin 13

yellow wire connect to pin 12

green wire connect to pin 11

caution:make sure you dig a hole on the box,to let the type A able to connect with arduino,You can use wire cutter If you need it,to let the wire looks not messy(it's up to you)

Make sure you set led and resistor into right place.

Step 2: Set a Tissue

set a tissue on the gate of shoe box,you need tape to stable it,otherwise it's unable to create a ''special visual effect'',when you set up and tissue and turn off the light in the room the night light should be beautiful.

Step 3: Code

You can change the time or add more led (more pin)

all it's up to you

if you wants to customized it you can download arduino, just visit this website to download ,

Step 4: Finish!!!

Grand veiling!simple,right?this stuff also able to connect with power bank,just use A type connect with it,and it can make more vivid if you need to,but don't make it too messy,which means don't set too many led ,because it just for night light.this project is fun and very extremely simple,hope you guys can enjoy it!