Introduction: NEW EV3Dprinter: LEGO MINDSTORMS 3D Printer (3rd Generation)

About: MINDSTORMS Community Partner, ROBOTMAK3R! Making robots out of LEGO is my hobby.

A nifty DIY 3D printer made with MINDSTORMS EV3 and the 3rd Generation 3D pen from

My first instructables was about a LEGO MINDSTORMS 3D printer called EV3Dprinter. After purchasing a new 3D pen, I created this new and improved version. In this instructables I will show you how to make the NEW EV3Dprinter.

Step 1: The Robot

A basic, cartesian 3D printer using 3rd Generation ABS/PLA filament 3Dpen.

Built using about 650 LEGO elements, including these special parts:
24 pcs 1x4 gear racks
2 x large Power Function linear actuators
3D pen
1 large motor
3 medium motor
3 touch sensors

For complete inventory of parts needed check out the spreadsheet below:

Step 2: Screen Shots of the LDD File

I don't have actual building instructions but following this LDD files is the next best thing :)

Step 3: The 3Dpen

This robot is using Banggood's 3rd Generation 3D pen specifically.

You can get yours here:

No glue is being used in this version of the EV3Dprinter instead the pen is tightly fitting between LEGO elements.

Step 4: The Program

With the help of Thomas Madeya, this robot is programmed using EV3 software from LEGO. It was programmed to make geometric shapes based on the equation of the circle. Hence i can make any polygons and stars as seen in the pictures.

In this Google Hangouts session below you can hear Thomas explain the math behind the programming (or simply check out the attached PDF file of his presentation.

To help you follow along and to get a working printer in no time I've also included the latest EV3 project file.

Step 5: Check Out the MINDSTORMS 3D Printers Project Page on Facebook

Thank you for you interest in the EV3Dprinter. Come visit the projects Facebook Page

And please do share any reproduction of this printer or your own design inspired by it!



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