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Intro- How to make a Luminous Ornament appearing like a lady in the night.The ornament can be placed  on the patio or garden and glows weirdly at night and calm  by day.Can be made in 30 minutes. Also, it can rotate in the wind.Solar lighted.


The materials  are minimal-
See picture.
1 Solar lamp about $2.00
1 Puffy Ball with eyes. Dollar stores[  Ankyo development Ltd.]Distributor . Comes in  several colors.About 5 in. diameter.
5 paper clips.
Wire about 36 inches. Can be electrical wire , small guage[.015 dia.] or strong string.
1 swivel if you want  it to rotate in the wind without binding.Fishing supply stores sell 6 for a dollar. or use polymer stretch cord for hanging it up in a tree or patio nail or hook in which case no swivel is needed..

Tools- pliers  wire cutting type or scissors if nylon type strings are used..
E6000 glue.
Dremel drill if  holes are used to mount the plastic face  or paper clips are used..


Start by marking off 3 spots  at the edges of the lid. about 130 degrees from each other. This is not critical.
This is for triangle  display at top .Glue with  E6000 glue  Let set about 30 minutes for max strength.
Mark two spots  and  glue 2 clips on the sides  180 degrees apart. This is for mount of  ball.

Press ball against lit LED in dark closet. It musts light up or glow. The LED must  press into the top of the ball. Set these aside and go to next step. Attaching 6 inches  each of the mounting wires or strings as a three point  attachment at top. If used  attach a swivel to top apex.

Attach about 12 in. of string to swivel to  mount out side.

Attach ball.Make sure the  eyes are seen easily. We used a marking red pen and black pen to place more face on the ball.The lips are bright red .
Best mounting  of ball is to loosely wrap two wraps of string  under the ball and to the side clips  [or holes,pre-drilled]..1/8 in. drill.]
A spot of glue  under ball on string  will help hold ball.
Do not crush the ball. Do not puncher it ; also as it will deflate in which case discard it..

When done the  assembly should look like a lady with a flat hat on  her hairy head.


The uses are endless.
In daylight it looks like a Lady with a blck flat hat on. 
At night it looks like a ghostly head floating in the breeze .

As is usual with solar lamps you will need sunlight to shine on the top panel. Place the device in a sunny location. After an 8 hour day the lamp will light brightly for at least 9 hours at night. That is why we use a larger solar lamp using a AA cell.

In the garden we hang the Lady on a pole  made  with a side arm. A bush or tree is an easy location on the partially sunny side.

There are other rubber toys and balls that can be used here also. The can be tested as above for brightness.

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