Introduction: NO-SEW CANVAS TOOL ROLL: Quick, Cheap and DIY

Executive Summary: This is how-to video of a canvas tool or knife roll made fastened with pop rivets. It allows to quickly custom make a handy and durable roll to organize and transport your tools.

I'm taking a page from Levi Strauss and using the strength and speed of rivets to make a functional piece of cloth. He gets points for a lot more style though. Check out my how-to video here.

If you sew, you can use the steps here to add pop rivets to your work for strength. There are also specialty clothing rivets that can be used instead of pop rivets.

Step 1: You Will Need


Canvas - I used "Shoe Canvas" but most fabric stores will have a selection to choose from. Buy something sturdy. I bought a metre for a few dollars... it was enough for at least three of these but it all depends on what tools you want to custom fit.

Webbing - I used a two inch wide nylon webbing available at fabric stores, hardware stores and outdoor stores. The length depends on the size of your custom tool roll.

Cordage - You are going to want some kind of cordage to tie of the roll. In the video I used a strip of canvas but replied it with a short scrap of cord that worked much better.

Pop-Rivets - I used about a dozen aluminum rivets. Chose aluminum because I figured the steel ones would eventually rust and would stain the canvas.

Pop Rivet Back Up Plates - These little washers are essential to rivet a soft material like canvas and have them actually fasten anything permanently. These are sold at hardware stores in the same section as the pop rivets. If you can't find the you can make them by cutting and drilling washers out of a nailing plate or other appropriately thin metal. I've done it and they work, but take a lot more time than using the store bought washers. I used steel here but aluminum won't rust and stain your canvas over time.



Pop Rivet Gun - Cheap in stores, cheaper second hand

Awl or Nail


Iron (optional)


Tools of Knives that you want to custom fit

Step 2: Correction

In the video I put the folded webbing on the inside of the canvas. While this works well aesthetically, it would be more functional on the outside as the tools don't slide into it easily.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

I didn't show it in my how to video but you can water proof your tool roll with wax. Check out these great instructables to get an idea: