Introduction: NU-ROBOT - Deliver Medicines and Masks to the Rooms.

About: My name is Shlok Gupta. I am in 5th grade.

this is my hospital that a robot send medicine in each room with two floors.

You can find the 3D design here

Step 1: First Room of Hospital

this is my first room of the hospital made by a box and box holes to cut

Step 2: Inside the Room

this is the inside of all the room with a bed a chair to sit on and a drop box to drop medicines

Step 3: First Floor of the Hospital

this is the first floor with all the same room. I had to copy and paste all of the rooms. there were max 7 rooms.

Step 4: Adding a Elevator

adding a elevator so the robot go to the second floor. what I did was make a box a turned the color gray

Step 5: Adding the Second Floor

this is the first floor with the second floor. I copied and pasted the first floor and put it on top of the first floor.

Step 6: Layer of Hospital With Two Floors

I added a layer for both the floors so the robot can send medicines on the second floor

Step 7: Making the Medi Robot

this is the medi robot that will take medicines in to all the rooms in the hospital

Step 8: Boxes With Medicines

these are the boxes with medicines that the robot will place in the rooms

Step 9: Final Presentation

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