Introduction: Nail Polish Organization

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So all of my nail polishes used to sit in a box under the bed, and I decided to organize it! Organizing, funn... Not. But this was pretty simple and it didn't cost me a dime. Hope you enjoy and use this! -Paige

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

All you need is your nail polish, tape, and scissors!

Step 2: Pacific Blue

This colors my favorite (and on my nails currently) but anyways take one of your nail polishes to use.

Step 3: Paint

Paint some of the nail polish onto the tape.

Step 4: Tear

Once the polish on the tape is dry, tear it off.

Step 5: Cut

Once you've torn off the piece of tape, cut it into a small triangle.

Step 6: Sticker

Place the rectangle on the top of the cap. (If the cap has a sticker with the polish name on it, you can remove it and place it on the bottom of the bottle.)

Step 7: Finishing

Once you've done all your bottles, you can put them in a drawer along with your files, polish remover, fake nails, dotting tools, nail art brushes, gem stones, glitters, nail enamel dryer and striping tape..... Okay you guys might not have all of that, but you can organize what you do have! Hope you enjoyed this!!! More to come.

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