Introduction: Nail Polish Station

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You've probably have a lot of nail polishes lying around in your room. But, what if you can store them all in one place? Here's the perfect solution: a nail polish station! I was inspired by Bethany Mota's original take on the nail polish station and I thought that it would be something great for me to store all of my polishes AND keep them color coded at the same time! Great idea, Beth!

This was where I found the idea for my own nail polish station:

Step 1: Materials

To make your own nail polish station, you will need...

  • a shoebox cover
  • your nail polish collection
  • white sticker labels
  • a hole puncher (I bought my Fiskers hole puncher from Joann's)
  • 2 glass jars
  • nail care tools (cotton balls / nail files / nail clipper / cuticle cutter)

Step 2: Prep Your Station

First, you want to cut the lid off from an old shoebox. I have mine already cut out.

Step 3: Paint Nail Polish Streaks

Next, grab a white sticker label and your nail polishes and paint several color streaks on your label and set them out to dry. In this one, I am using bronze-metallic colored nail polishes. In the second picture, you can see the colors turning a little opaque once they dry up.

Step 4: Punching Holes

Once the polish is dry, you can take a hole puncher and punch a hole into each color. I find it easy to peel off the sticker and punch the hole. Bonus: try to get a Fiskers hole puncher that has a part in the front that opens, so that way, you can just put your finger right in and the sticker will stick right onto the pad of your finger so that you can take it out.

Step 5: Stick 'Em On

Now, you are going to take your sticker and stick in just on top of the nail polish bottle. Now, it's color coded. The second picture is just to show you the rest of the nail polishes I have given color coded stickers for. I used Nicole by OPI, regular OPI, Pop.arazzi, CoverGirl Outlast and so many more!

Step 6: Prep Your Nail Care Tools

Now, you are going to take two glass jars and stuff them with your nail care tools! You can use one for cotton balls or pads, and one for your cuticle pushers, nail cutters, nail files, whatever! Just add a bottle of nail polish remover too!

Step 7: End Result

Finally, all you have to do is arrange your polishes and jars right on the inside part of your shoebox cover, like a tray!

Step 8: Nail Polish Station Complete!

Now, it's ready to display on your table or anywhere that you want to treat yourself to a much needed mani or pedi! I love all of the bright colors of the nail polishes and feel free to use your own brands!

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