Introduction: Napkin Rings From Coloured Pencils

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I was at a loose end, it was raining so I decided that I needed to find a project that I could do inside.

I went to the dollar shop and bought a couple of packs of coloured pencils and some superglue

Step 1: Glueing Up the "Blank"

I had a couple of pieces of plastic pipe left over from a plumbing job so using the superglue I glued 2 layers to the pipe

Step 2: Pouring the Resin

Once the blank was all glued up I needed something to retain the resin, foolishly I thought that wrapping it in greaseproof paper and cling film would do the job!! Was I ever wrong

Step 3: Pouring the Resin 2

I mixed the 2 pack resin (which I had left over from another "experiment!" and poured it into my suposedly sealed former, it almost immediately started to leak!! Quelle suprise!

I grabbed a lid from a paint aerosol and stood the whole shebang in that -- luckily it was almost the perfect size

I then let it dry

Step 4: Machining on the Lathe

About a month later I realised that I had forgotton all about this and I was tidying the garage when I saw it, so I stripped off the clingfilm and greaseproof paper to reveal this, as I had a couple of hours I chucked it in the lathe to see if I could make something of it

Step 5: Turning

Firstly I turned the whole length (no pic, sorry), then using the bandsaw I cut a slice approximately the length I wanted.

I rounded off the ends and then sanded it down using 80 grit, progressing to 400 grit.

I used a couple of tapered bungs to allow me to mount it in the lathe

Step 6: Varnish

After it was sanded I applied a couple of coats of marine varnish, this will stop the pencil leads from marking the napkin, I will probably sand this one down again as there are a couple of marks I missed

Just 11 more to make!!

I'm guessing this can go in the woodwork contest, the colours of the rainbow (for the coloured pencils) and the stick it for the glue and resin!!

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