Introduction: Naturally Dyed QUAIL EGGS - Experiment

I got some quail eggs and I tried to dye them with natural colors.

I already tried dying eggs with natural colors: and in this video I decided to try the same with quail eggs.

I cooked quail eggs for 10 minutes and then I put them in 3 dyes. 1. dye was turmeric 2. was red cabbage 3. was onion skins.

With red cabbage dye I made 3 colors. Just red cabbage is purple, red cabbage and vinegar (acid) is pink, and red cabbage with baking soda (alkali) is blue.

Quail eggs are very healthy and good for your body. If you have a chance try quail eggs and eat them because they have many benefits for your health.

I used natural dyes because I wanted to eat them after they are dyed. Using this dyes didn't change the taste of quail eggs. Enjoy my video and let me know how did you like it!