Nearly Free CD/DVD Case!

Introduction: Nearly Free CD/DVD Case!

This is a wallet friendly and cool  way to store your CD/DVD's with no cases.

 - 1 sheet of 21.6cm x 27.8cm (8 1/2" x 11") paper.
 -A pen

All the main folds will be relative to the center of the disk.
The side folds cover the disk until the center window.
The bottom covers the disk until the center window is covered.
The top folds down for the rest of the page, it is relative to the rest of the paper.


The sub folds for the top are essential.
The top must be folded the way it is in the picture, other wise it will open by its' self or become difficult to close.
      - Fold the top corner to the edge of the side bracket.
      - Unfold that, then fold from the top downwards to the crease, not from the side.

This is also applicable to items that fit inside, I put screws in them as well.
The instructions are tagged in the pictures, enjoy your paper case.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I just showed my friend the other day to do exactly the same thing, brilliant way to transport that coverless disc without getting those pesky scratches.