Introduction: Nebula Light Bulb

Recycle and old bulb to make a cool looking nebula in a bulb - room decor.


  • Old light bulb
  • Cotton
  • Acrylic paint (Dark and light blue , dark pink)
  • Scrap wood (as base)
  • Sand paper and Varnish(Optional)
  • Glitter(gold and silver)

Step 1: Extricating the Light Bulb

Start by drilling a hole on the side of the metal and cutting through the metal using a scissors.Then you will be exposed to the Filament of the bulb. Using a long nosed pliers, you can break the glass holding the filament and take it outside the bulb.By this time the metal should come out , you can sand it to remove the sharp edges and glue it back together. If the metal part of the bulb did not come out , it is not a problem you can sand the sharp edges and use a bit of superglue to ensure that it will not come out in the future.

Step 2: Preparing the Base

I will be using a small scrap piece of red wood as my base.

I started bu sanding my base around the rough edges with a 200 grits sand paper and used some glossy wood finish with a cloth and gently rubbed the wood to give it a glossy finish

Step 3: Filling the Bulb

I first took 3 cups with 50 ml of water each (this quantity depends on the size of your bulb) then added paint to each cup (dark blue for the first bulb , light blue for the second and dark pink for the third).

Now fill about 1/3 of the bulb with cotton and pour the first cup op dark blue paint and add some glitter to the sides. Repeat this step for the other two paint and don't forget to add glitter.

Attach your bulb to the base with some super glue and Voila! you're done.

Get creative by adding more colours.

Step 4:

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