Introduction: Neck Cup Holder for Carrying

neck cup holder that holds a cup

originally for people who need to walk with a walking stick and can'not use their hands to carry stuff while walking.

Step 1: Laser Cutting

cut 1.5mm aluminum sheet with laser cutting machine

Step 2: Fold the Sheet Metal Into Shape

do it yourself with the instruction attached or give it to the laser cutting shop for folding proffesionaly.

Step 3: Cut the Fabric

take any fabric you like - in this example it's a fake leather.

cut it to the shape attached

than glue the fabric to the main body using R21 glue or any other strong glue

Step 4: Antislip Holder

cut 1mm aluminum sheet to the shape attached.

do the same with an antislip rubbe.

glue the aluminum and the antislip to eachother, than band it and glue it to the main body

Step 5: Sew the Band

take a synthetic band - the one shoes is a 40mm one.

cut it to a desire length - approximetly 1.5 Meter.

put it through both holes in the main body and sew it together.

attach the buckle clip to the bend and sew it at both ends.

Step 6: Instructions and Changings

here you can download the instructions in a PDF file

also the solidworks file is here for if you like to change the main body sheet metal.