Neck-on Switch Mod

Introduction: Neck-on Switch Mod

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This mod will give you an additional 2 tones and still keep the traditional 5-way switching.
For use with a S-S-S guitar.

Step 1: 1. Tools

-Phillips screwdriver
-Soldering Iron
-Solder (obviously)
-Goggles(wouldnt feel to good to have hot solder in your eyes)
-Drill w/ Bits

You will also need a DPDT toggle switch.

  • I've also seen this mod done with additional LED's.

Step 2: 2. Getting Under the Hood

*Go ahead and plug in your soldering iron so it can heat up.

-Now you'll have unstring the guitar, remove the pots from the pickguard, etc. and unscrew the pickguard from the body.

-Take the pickguard and drill a hole in it, right beside the volume pot for the DPDT switch.

(i know i put a pic of a H-S-H configuration, but this mod is for a S-S-S guitar. Im just too lazy to change the pic lol)

Step 3: Wiring, Wiring, and More Wiring

Now insert the DPDT switch in the hole and secure it in place.
-Now locate the 5-way selector switch
-Trace the wire from the neck pickup to the selector switch and label it.
-Now trace the volume pot to the selector switch, after you do that you should
see a jumper connecting the part connected to the volume part to another prong on the selector switch. Label it.
-Now solder a wire from the neck pickup prong on the selector switch to the 5th prong on the DPDT switch.
-Solder a wire from the "jumped" volume prong to the 3rd prong on the DPDT switch.

If you wired it correctly you will now have 2 more tones than the standard strat.
which will be *all 3 parallel" and *Neck and Bridge parallel* Like a telecaster.

Step 4: Play Away.

Now put it all together and test out your new tones!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    you can also do this with a SPST switch, its just smaller i have done this to my strat.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    so basically this is a mod where you can have your bridge and neck pickup on or have them all on, correct?


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    yeah, im gonna do it to one of my guitars sometime


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Go for it :] Just make sure it has a 5 way switch. Cheers, -Buster