Introduction: Neon Lamp Player at 150VDC

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This is my first experiment with neon lamp. The lamp also have same principle with Nixie tube, which also need about 150VDC to light on

After successful this experiment, i will make nixie clock with nixie tube.

Most of design of nixie clock is based on nixie driver (IC 74141). However, it is difficult to purchase this IC chip, at least in my country. So i decided to design a circuit control neon lamp (next is nixie tube) without using nixie driver, but only using opto isolation chip

My first experiment will make neon lamp player at 150VDC

Watch the video

Step 1: Part List

Part list i using for the project:

1. Neon lamp, dot type

2. Opto isolation chip TLP627-4

3. Arduino UNO

4. DC step-up module (up to 390VDC!)

The isolation chip TLP627-4 can isolate up to 300VDC!

DC step-up module can convert from 8-32VDC to 45-390VDC! Please careful when working with high voltage!

Step 2: Circuit Design

The circuit is quite simple for most of us. Just output from Arduino to control opto coupler, then the coupler control neon lamp with DC step-up module

I add one diode to make sure no mistake by connection.

Step 3: Build the Circuit With Breadboard

Someone will think 150VDC connected to breadboard is too dangerous. However, neon lamp consumes only 0.5mA. I've already taken risk to try it, fortunately, it works! haha

Step 4: Conclusion

Finally, i got successful with neon player at 150VDC. This experiment will help me in next step to make Nixie clock by Arduino and opto isolation chip only. I hope it can run, please wait for my next project

Thank you.