Introduction: Neopixel Controller Over WiFi Using ESP-03

This instructable is about creating wifi controlled over Blynk app neopixel LEDs known as WS2812B or WS2812.

You must be already familiar with:

  • soldering
  • using hot air station
  • programming ESP using Arduino IDE
  • programming ESP using ready to use code
  • have some knowledge about ESP 8266
  • how to replace orignal flash memory chip with winbond 25q32fvsig - examples on the Internet
    for example here
  • using Blynk app and know how to set it up - plenty of examples on the internet

Step 1: What You Will Need.

  1. ESP-03 module
  2. ESP-01 programming board
  3. ESP-03 breakout board
  4. male goldpin headers - more than on the picture
  5. 2.2k resistor
  6. some wire and female-female connectors
  7. Neopixel LEDs modules (matrix or strip)
  8. winbond 25q32fvsig flash chip - we will replace original chip with this one using HOT AIR

Step 2: Solder It Together Based on the Provided Photo

  1. Replace original memory chip with new one
  2. CH_PD pulled up to VCC (3.3V) on the board with 2.2k resistor
  3. GPIO15 to GND
  4. Put it on to ESP-01 programming module
  5. For programming mode we need to connect GPIO0 to GND (use female-female wire)

Step 3: Download Blynk App on Your Phone and Upload Firmware to Your ESP

I am using zeRGBa blynk tool to control neopixel
i have set it up as V1 - GPIO13

I have uploaded code which i used
you just need to put your authorization code from Blynk
your wifi name (SSID)
your wifi password
and upload the sketch to your ESP-03 using Arduino IDE (i assume you know how to do it, if not there is plenty of other instructables explaining this) :)

Step 4: Power Up Your Neopixel

You can connect 5V pin of your neopixels to VCC (3.3V) on the board - it will still work - in my case it's 8 LEDs in a strip

in case of modules with more LEDs or longer strips for more reliability you should solder 5V pin of nepixels to 5V pin of USB connector as shown in the picture

DIN (Data_IN) connect to pin 13

Ground to GND - since pin 15 is connected to GND i used this one

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