Introduction: Neopixel Wifi Control Via NodeMCU

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Gone are the times when you wanted to control RGB LEDs you had to deal with a plethora of wires, untangling them again and again can be irritating. With Neopixel, you have the option of powering the led with two wires and just one wire, which is Data In and could control thousands of RGB LEDs with just one data line.

This is a brief tutorial of how to do a basic set up of the neopixel and the popular Wifi development board NodeMCU and change colour of it through your phone.

Below is the video tutorial for those who prefer videos over text --

Step 1: Materials Required

1.) NodeMCU

2.) Neopixel

3.) Phone with Blynk App installed

4.) Jumper Wires

Step 2: Build

Connect the Neopixel LED to the NodeMCU in following way --

Din -- D2

5V -- VU

GND -- G

Now connect the NodeMCU to your PC via USB cable and open Arduino IDE there go to Files->Preferences->Additional Board URL. Paste this link there --

Now, go to tools-> Boards-> Board Manager. In the search bar, search "ESP" install the first Board package you see in the results.

Select NodeMCU from the Tools->Boards and then confirm that the Baud Rate is 115200.

Finally, download the Arduino sketch from this link.

In Auth Token, in the sketch add the auth token you received in the email, while creating the new project in Blynk App, similarly add SSID of your Wifi Network and password.

Step 3: Test

Open the Blynk App and the project that you have created, there from the option to add new components, add an RGB Zebra kind of thing, once added tap on it and you will be provided with the options to configure it, swap the button towards Merge and tap on pins and select the Virtual pin you have attached the Din pin of the neopixels to, in our case it is V2.

Finally! Click on the play button on the top right-hand corner of the app, and your project is live! As you will shit the colour on the zebra the colour of your LED will change accordingly. Congratulations!

Thanks For Reading!