Introduction: Nerf Barrel Attachment With Under-mounted Mega Blaster

This will show you how I added an Air Warriors Baron to the bottom of an old Nerf Recon barrel. This can be added to most nerf blasters.

Step 1: What You Will Need:

for this project, you will need the following:

Nerf Recon or Retaliator barrel

Air Warriors Baron blaster

screw driver

dremel with sanding drum and cutting disk

some small bolts with nuts


1" diameter poly pipe (optional)

air restrictor from pretty much any nerf blaster. i think mine was from a nightfinder

super glue

paint (optional)

Step 2: Open Up Your Blaster and Barrel

start by opening up your baron and barrel, removing all internal pieces.

using your dremel, cut the handle off of the baron. you will need to trim down the trigger as well.

Step 3: Create New Thumb Activated Trigger

I wanted to be able to fire this blaster with my thumb. In order to accomplish this, i cut a small slot in the shell of the blaster near the trigger. I used an air restrictor that i had pulled out of a nightfinder. It happend to fit into the hole in the trigger almost perfectly. I had to trim two of the little posts so that they would not get in the way of the barrel. This will get super glued in place once everything else is done, don't glue it in now.

Step 4: Prepare the Barrel

DO NOT DO THIS STEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i initially thought that this would improve the performance of the darts, but the darts seem to bounce around inside the larger barrel and it sucks. I'me leaving the step in place so the pictures make sense, but i highly recommend not replacing the inner barrel.

If you have ever used a recon barrel, you will know that it seems to slow the darts down. I didn't want this to happen, so i removed the internal orange barrel from the recon barrel and replaced it with a larger 1" diameter plastic pipe. In order to get this to fit, i had to use the sanding drum on my dremel to cut down the insides of the barrel until the pipe would fit inside when put back together. You will also need to use the sanding drum to make the hole in the end of the barrel larger.

Step 5: Mount Two Units Together

I wanted to make this able to be taken apart in case there were any problems, therefore i didn't want to glue anything together. I decided to use bolts to hold the blaster to the barrel. to do this, i used 3 small bolts. I put the two sides of the blaster together and drilled 3 holes just large enough for the bolts to fit in snug. two near the front and one at the back. i then held the blaster up to the barrel and marked the locations on the barrel where the holes needed to line up. then drilled matching holes in the barrel.

next place the nuts on the bolts, and placed them in the shell of the blaster. Hold the blaster up to the barrel and make sure everything lines up and then adjust the nut on the bolt so they will fit nice and tight. once you are sure you have them lined up properly, re-assemlbe the baron with all of the required internals with the bolts in place...screw it back together.

place the blaster next to half of the barrel and get the bolts lined up properly. Reinsert the rest of the barrel pieces, then re-assemble the barrel and screw it together. If done properly, it should feel very solid and secure with no wobbling. if it wobbles, your bolts aren't tight enough.

Step 6: Insert the Firing Button

Insert the firing button (air restrictor) and test it out. you should now be able to prime the blaster and fire it by sliding the button back with your thumb. If all goes well, you are ready to paint. (or if you don't want to paint it, you are done)

once you are done painting it, place a dab of super glue on the air restrictor and press it into place

Step 7: Paint and Enjoy

If you want to dress it up a little, take it back apart and paint it. I decided to paint mine with Charcoal vinyl dye like i did previously with another project. I taped off parts of the barrel that i didn't want to paint, then painted the barrel and blaster shell. once it was dry, i re-assembled it and then painted some accent areas with a silver paint marker.

once you are happy with the paint, super glue the air restrictor into the hole on the trigger and you are ready to go.

place it on your blaster of choice and have fun!